About Sun and Sand Sports

Sun and Sand Sports began in the year 1979, when the founder of the company was watching a football match, then the idea of ​​prestige outside the game gave him the idea of ​​​​when they invited the largest and most famous sports brands in the Dubai market and of course the companies responded to the invitation to display sports products in the Dubai market and of course succeeded This idea a lot and the store has many different stores in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait.

where the first store was opened in the UAE in Al Ghurair Center in 1985 and within 12 years of the opening of the first store for them in the UAE, a store was opened in City Center Deira and after three years of entry The new blue logo to be the trademark of the Sun & Sand store. The logo resembled the letter (Z), but in reverse, indicating speed. In 2014 the first store was opened in Kuwait in Zahra Complex, and a year later the logo was changed to the current logo of the sun & sand store. sports.

Sun & Sand Sports customer service

Many customers and shoppers may ask about what is Sun and Sand Sports customer service Saudi Arabia, Sun and Sand Sports customer service Emirates, Sun and Sand Sports customer service Kuwait, knowing that the only way to communicate with customer service is through the official website below by clicking on Contact us and reach the site through e-mail or by filling in the required data from you on the official website.

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Best Sun & Sand Sports products

Men's, Women's, Children's Section: Each of these sections contains many products from the latest releases. It also has many wonderful collections and the last wonderful collections in which you can find many wonderful products. Mentioning the best men's products there are five different categories that include many and many And the first is our new, then shoes, clothes, accessories and formations. Our new one contains the last pill formations, more than 40 percent discount in Saudi Arabia, where there are many Sun and Sand products with a discount of more than 40%, products less than 200 riyals, home exercises that contain exercise equipment Thus, sneakers, football clothes. As for the formations section, there are Adidas Originals Stan Smith, Adidas Originals Superstar, Nike Air Max, Nike Mercurial and the rest of the categories, as they are well-known, such as the clothing, accessories and shoes section, and this also applies to the women and children section.

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Payment methods via the sun and sand sports website

Among the most prominent payment methods on Sun and Sand Shop:

  • Master Card
  • Mada
  • Visa