About H&M

H&M have a great popularity in the world and this is the result of experiences over many years to satisfy customers and keep pace with the latest fashion over the years. H&M started from a single store selling women's clothing in Sweden in 1947, either Today, H&M has a very strong global presence through 4,500 stores in 69 markets and also through 43 online markets and a team of about 200 thousand employees.

H&M Customer Service in Saudi Arabia:

H&M Saudi Arabia provides excellent customer service by calling +966 8004414440 throughout the week.

H&M Coupon Code 2024 - Save 70% Off - H&M Promo Codes

H&M Coupon Code 2024: Exclusive H&M KSA&UAE Coupons

H&M discount coupons and offers up to 70% Use the H&M Saudi Arabia discount code through our platform, as the H&M discount coupon offers discounts up to 70% on all H&M products in Egypt, where H&M products are very popular and leading in the world Which is characterized by providing the latest fashion.

Fashion and departments in H&M - KSA & UAE

  1. All women's clothing such as dresses, blouses, basic clothes, sleepwear, shoes.
  2. All men's clothing in terms of shirts, pants, heavy sweaters, jeans, cardigans, shorts, basic clothing, sportswear, underwear and accessories
  3. The children's clothing department has many distinctive collections of children's clothing.

H&M Coupon 10% off on all products

The H&M website presents in a beautiful banner that explains its interests to its customers of all categories, where the company provides a 10% discount for students on all H&M products, whether in stores or online, by registering with the student’s university email to enjoy a 10% discount from H&M Mother

H&M Branches - H&M Saudi Arabia

  1. Tamimi Markets Unaizah
  2. Valley Center
  3. University Plaza
  4. Thursday Mall
  5. Al Khair Mall
  6. The tent
  7. Al Rashid Mall - Abha
  8. Al-Rashed Mall - Jazan
  9. Riyadh Park
  10. Riyadh Gallery
  11. Alia City Mall
  12. Othaim Khurais
  13. Othaim Mall Hail
  14. Othaim Mall Rabwah
  15. Othaim Mall, Dammam
  16. Othaim Mall, Hofuf (New)
  17. Al Qasr Mall
  18. Perfect Mall Taif
  19. Al Majmaah Mall
  20. The city of Oberoi
  21. Turkish Center
  22. Al Kharj Oasis
  23. oasis mall russian
  24. Garden Mall
  25. Darren Mall
  26. Dana Mall is a fountain
  27. Rashid Mall - Khobar
  28. Rashid Mega Mall
  29. Red Sea Mall
  30. Roshan Mall
  31. Makkah Hospitality Market
  32. Hera market in Jeddah
  33. Flamingo Mall Jeddah
  34. Lulu Al Ahsa
  35. Galleria Mall - Jubail
  36. Tahlia Center
  37. Kingdom Center
  38. Sahara Center
  39. Granada Center
  40. Andalus Mall
  41. Mall of Arabia, Jeddah
  42. Tabuk Mall
  43. Milagro Boutique
  44. Nojoud Mall Jeddah
  45. Palm Plaza
  46. oasis details

Shopping from H&M stores and websites and saving:

H&M provides a unique and easy experience in terms of online shopping, where all the products of the H&M store are of high quality and provide all the new clothes for all family members, and also the other advantage is saving money by using discount coupons The exclusive, discounts and offers available on the Akhssamly website, with the aim of saving customers with discounts of up to 50% in some cases, and the effective and effective H&M Saudi discount code for students on all products purchased from H&M or online stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

H&M Payment Policy:

H&M provides the easiest ways to pay, as it provides a payment service upon receipt of a single order, but with a maximum limit of 3500 SAR per order, but in the event that the amount of purchases is greater than the maximum limit, payment will be made by credit or debit cards.

Shipping methods from H&M:

  • H&M offers free shipping and delivery
  • The other way is to receive your purchases from any H&M branch in Saudi Arabia, and when the order is ready, an email will be sent indicating that the order is ready to be received.

Product return policy:

H&M store provides money back service within 14 days from the date of purchase and refund the amount of purchases in multiple and simple ways for H&M customers

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