About Noon Food

Noon Food was established for online shopping in order to meet the needs of shoppers by providing all groceries products such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and eggs, frozen food, fish and meat, kitchen supplies and home needs such as Dettol and detergents, beauty and personal care. Noon Grocery (Noon Food) passed many tests from Noon, and after a few months, Noon launched the Noon Food Grocery Store, and now there is a special Noon Food app for grocery shopping from home with the effective Noon Food application discount code on all products. Noon Food provides a special service for all shopping lovers, which is that it sends you a notification Constantly with any update on offers and products.

Noon Food Customer Service - KSA & UAE

  • Via e-mail > (care@noon.com).
  • Call at number > (8001160210).
  • via social media.

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Noon Food - UAE provides a distinct shopping experience, in which it offers all fresh products, in addition to baby care and baby care supplies, sweets and snacks. Noon Daily provides you with all the necessary products for the kitchen, as well as spices, spices and canned goods, as well as many other goods through Noon Daily for online shopping and the store also offers all customers and shoppers a service of delivery and shipping of products with ease from the store and provides you with a service of replacing or returning products while providing the terms of the simple return policy from the site - shop from Noon Daily and get an additional 30 Saudi riyal discount from Noon Daily.

Noon Daily Store Categories:

Noon Daily provides all the products that women need from groceries and personal care products, which are:

  • Fresh and dairy products
  • Bakery, bread and eggs
  • Kitchen supplies and snacks
  • Meat and fish breakfast food
  • Home essentials
  • Personal care

Advantages of Shopping From Noon Daily

1 . The store offers you a wonderful shopping experience in which it presents all the different and varied groceries products, according to your choice of the category you want.

2 . Noon Daily provides many offers and promotional discounts on all products up to 60% of different categories and sections.

3 . Noon Daily offers all shopaholics the Noon Daily app available exclusively through Google Play, App Store - now shop all groceries from Noon Daily.

4 . The Noon Daily store provides effective discount codes and coupons with a very large percentage, as the Noon Daily Saudi Arabia discount code gives you an additional 10% discount on all products.

5 . It features fast delivery and shipping to the door of the house and offers you a distinguished shopping service with a simple product exchange and return policy.

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How To Use Noon Daily KSA & UAE Discount Code:

  1. Go to the top of this page, you will find the Noon Daily discount coupon, click on coupon to view it.
  2. After clicking on coupon, click on “Copy Code” and then click on "Go to Noon Daily" (you will be automatically redirect to Noon Daily Store).
  3. In order to complete the next step, you must first log in and complete all the required data.
  4. After completing the previous step, choose and select the products you want to buy, then add them to the shopping cart and check the quantities you want to buy.
  5. After completing the shopping process and purchasing the products, click on the shopping cart.
  6. Paste (Noon Daily discount code AM35) in the specific place provided for it, click on Apply to get the discount, then click on complete purchase.
  7. Choose the delivery method > Add all delivery information > Choose the available payment method and place the order.

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Noon daily coupon uae today

Noon daily coupon uae today for all customers, they want to get this coupon and save it on the phone to use it again to buy through the Noon Daily app. If you want to know how to use the Noon Daily app, you must first download the application to follow this simple steps to use noon grocery app:

after download, open noon daily mobile application, add your data such as email or mobile number, name and location, then log in, and after you finish registering, you will find all Noon Daily products that have appeared

In front of you are food and kitchen products, and in order to benefit from all products, you have to search for and buy the best offers to get the most value from Noon Daily discounts, exclusive Noon Daily discounts by using Noon Daily discount code, Noon Daily discount coupon, you will save money through which you can buy products Additional others or pay the shipping and delivery expenses to take advantage of all the Noon daily introductions, so do not miss the use of the Noon Daily discount code when completing the purchase.

How To Save Money With (Noon Daily - Noon Grocery)?

Your chance to save money is very large with Noon Daily, because the Noon grocery shopping site provides many promotional offers, in addition to continuous discounts and discounts from Noon Daily on most products, in addition to valid Noon Daily discount code next to the offers where the discount coupon gives you an additional discount of 50 Saudi riyals On all products - Get the Noon Daily discount coupon on Vipcouponz website, use discount code (AM35) when purchasing products from noon grocery online supermarket, and get benefit from coupon code to save more money with us.

Noon Daily Delivery and Shipping Policy:

Once the order is completed, it is processed by Noon Daily and the product is delivered to you, where you can know the total amount or the total amount of your order when purchasing products from Noon Daily Saudi Arabia, knowing that in case of product delay, you should know that there are some problems outside Noon Daily’s control. If there are any of these problems, you will be notified immediately from the Noon Daily customer service, and please do not count the days of delay with the days of delivery of the product and in the event that the product does not reach you or the customer service contacts you, the order will be canceled and the amount will be refunded to you and to know if products are ordered from Noon Daily outside the country Products may be subject to customs duties and taxes.

Noon Daily Exchange and Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the product and want to return it to the store, you must contact the store through the e-mail care@noon.com or through the following number 8001160210 from 8 am to 10 pm or through social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and you have a deadline of 15 A day to return the products to Noon Daily with the provision of the product return conditions, which are: Return the products as you received them for the first time without opening the original packaging, if the product is damaged or damaged, not the product in the picture - if any of the conditions are not met, the store is not responsible for returning the products And the replacement process takes place within 7 days.

Noon Daily Payment Methods:

  • Payment by Visa on the Noon Daily store.
  • Payment by MasterCard on Noon Daily Store.
  • Pay by American Express on Noon Daily.
  • Pay with Apple Pay on Noon Daily Store and you will know if it is available for your country.
  • Pay cash on delivery from Noon Daily store.