About FirstCry

The First Cree store was established in India in 2011, and in the growth and expansion of the store over time, it has a great place in India and among the stores that no one underestimates, and the expansion of the store reached until it reached the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, and the store began to provide all products such as beauty products Beauty, nutrition, bathing products, toys and children's clothing and all other products so as not to make shoppers lack some products while shopping. Many profits and also save the First Care discount code to make it easier for shoppers to buy products at the lowest possible prices.

FirstCry customer service

If there is any problem when returning the products, or you want to inquire about any problem, follow the steps:

  • By entering the First Care page and clicking on Contact Us.
  • To contact First Care Store via the following number: +971 4 806 3800.
  • To contact the FirstCry Store via e-mail: care@firstcry.ae.


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Since the Firstcry store has a lot of goods and products, there is no doubt that it provides many opportunities to save money, and the best of them is the Firstcry discount code among the strongest Firstcry discount coupons available on the Aktisalli website, in addition to exclusive offers and discounts that continue throughout the year, reaching even more From 65% on all purchases from the most famous brands around the world, where it takes care of all maternity and children’s requirements, as well as toys and small bathtubs, as well as a diet for infants available at Firstcry and many products that are not exclusive to them. Shop through the Firstcry store and save money from promotional offers to customers and from Firstcry discount code for an effective 10% discount on all products.

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The Firstcry store is among the largest stores in the Middle East, thanks to the products it offers to customers, in addition to the exclusive and daily offers and discounts. One of the most prominent advantages of online shopping on Firstcry is that once you enter the store, you can learn about all the sections of the store with all the products that family members need, which It includes maternity and children's supplies, toys and nutrition equipment, in addition to cosmetics and femininity supplies of various kinds. The FirstCry Store is one of the best leading online shopping stores to provide shoppers' accessories and supplies, where the FirstCry Discount Coupon provides to save money with a value of 10% on all products and you can use it before completing the purchase .

What are the products and sections of the Firstcry store?

  • Beauty Products Department

Beauty and personal care products are among the most beautiful interests of women and women, where the Firstcry store has provided all the products from the smallest to the largest. For example, we will mention to you some categories and products from the section "personal care products for the body and showers such as face wash and lotion, hair and skin care products such as hair conditioner And vital oils, oral and skin care such as toothpastes, face masks, lotions, make-up and cosmetics, in addition to cosmetic devices such as brushes and nails, perfumes).

  • mothers section

There is a problem for many women in wearing clothes because they are carrying a baby. The First Care store provides all maternity clothes and costumes, nursing products, maternity lingerie, hair care, body and skin care products, and mother’s essentials, for example, a diaper bag, soap and body lotion, shoes, pants, breast pumps and a lot of products. the other.

  • Bathing Products Department

For all the ladies and mothers who take care of their babies, the store has small bathtubs and accessories such as a sponge, bathtub, soap, shampoo, lotion, oils, powders, towels and all products needed for bathing.

  • nutrition

The First Cree store provides most of the feeding products for infants and children such as breastfeeding, baby and infant food, nutritional supplements, plates and tools, suction cups and cups.

  • Kids and girls' clothes

It has a wide variety of boys and girls' clothes of the latest fashions and models such as (lingerie, swimwear, bathing clothes, package clothes, dresses, blouses and jackets, shoes, sleepwear)

How to use the Firstcry discount code to get an additional discount?

1 . Go to the top of the page, you will find the FirstCry discount coupon, click on the coupon offer.

2 . After clicking on the coupon offer, click on “Click to copy the code” and then click on Go to the store (you will be automatically transferred to the First Care website).

3 . After you go to the store, choose and select the products you want to buy from, then add them to the shopping cart and make sure of the quantities you want to buy.

4 . After completing the shopping process and purchasing the products, click on the shopping cart.

5 . To complete the next step, you must first log in to show you the location of the discount code.

6 . Paste the First Care discount code in the space provided for it, click on Apply to be discounted, then click on complete purchase.

7 . Choose the delivery method > Add all delivery information > Choose the available payment method and place the order.

What is the exchange and return policy?

In the event that you do not want to purchase the product and want to return it, please inform First Cree of a request to return the product, but there are some conditions for returning the product to the company:

1 . The product has not been used and must be returned in its original condition.

2 . After consuming the product, and you do not want to keep it, you must return it after a day or two at least.

3 . An invoice is received when the product is received for the first time. Please keep it in order to know the return of the product.

4 . There are some non-returnable products such as face mask and gear, maternity underwear, make-up and cosmetics, teether and pacifier, bottles and accessories and many other products.

Payment methods on the Firstcry Store

  • Pay with Visa on First Care Store.
  • Pay by MasterCard on the Firstcry Store
  • Payment in cash upon receipt.