About Sivvi

Sivvi store for fashionable clothes and fashion was established In 2014, by the son of businessman Mohamed Al-Abbar, the main founder of Noon electronic store, and he has been striving to enlarge the store and reach all over the Middle East, which included more than 100 different international brands to provide the largest number of goods and products most searched In the world of fashion, the store provided all family clothes and fashion at ideal prices to suit all price groups and paid more attention to what shoppers were interested in, which are offers and discounts, as it provided many discount coupons to obtain an additional discount on the order you want to buy.

Communicate with Sivvi store

  • Contact by e-mail: care@sivvi.com
  • Contact via help centers https://help.sivvi.com/hc/ar
  • Contact by phone at 8003014884

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Shop now the most beautiful views of the fashion world and the latest fashion trends for this year from the Saudi SIVVI store, which offers the most beautiful designs of various fashions for men, women and children from the most famous brands, in addition to the services provided by the store, for example, delivery service, shipping, discounts and offers of up to 80 % on most of the various goods and products, where Sivvi store is one of the most famous online shopping stores and among the famous stores in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf regions.

Sivvi store has the most beautiful brands designed by the most famous designers around the world, and during the feast, there are ways to gain a lot of distinguished customers and customers, such as offering offers and collections on women's and men's fashion at high and ideal discounts, and providing an additional discount coupon to get a 25% discount on all products - even products with price In addition, you can get the discount code through the e5smley website for discount coupons. The website provides discount codes and coupons for all famous electronic stores such as Amazon, Noon store, Jumia store.

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Use the Saudi SIVVI discount code or the SIVVI discount coupon, available exclusively through the Ahsoomly website, and enjoy online shopping for all women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics, men's and children's clothing, and get an additional 25% discount on all various goods and fashion, and do not miss the exclusive offers and discounts renewed throughout the year without stopping. Shop now while you are reassured through the Sivvi app for fashion and modern clothes and enjoy watching the most beautiful offers and discounts that include all products in addition to home decorations, perfumes and games.

The most important services and advantages of the Sivvi store through online shopping!

1 . It allows you to shop online or through the Sivvi application and buy the latest fashion at the cheapest possible prices and save the largest number of money.

2 . It works to provide an ideal shopping service for all shoppers and to provide all international brands with great quality fabric.

3 . Provides delivery and shipping service in the easiest and uncomplicated ways at all.

4 . It offers a variety of non-fixed payment services to ensure security and ease of refunding the amount again if you do not like the product.

5 . When you download the Sivvi app, you will get an additional discount of up to 30% on your first order.

6 . The replacement and return policy is easy as you can communicate with the company and find out all the important details.

The Most important sections of the "SIVVI" store

  • Women's clothing

It includes a wide range of clothes and fashion such as shorts, tassels, now shop the new collection of wool clothes, abayas and galabiyas, hoodies and pullovers, Indian clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and sportswear.

  • men's fashion

The store offers a wide range of men's fashion, and you can shop according to the brand you want, in addition to shaving supplies for men and the new collection of caps, bags, shoes and coats, watches and perfumes, in addition to offers on winter clothes, which reach up to 50% on all products.

  • Boys and Girls Clothes

It has many clothes for boys and girls, which start from 50% and more, where for both sexes, fashion, bags, accessories, watches, sports accessories, games, T-shirts and blouses, swimwear and beachwear, jeans and shorts and many other products in the store.

The store provides a special section for women's care products such as hair care, skin care and perfumes, a variety of cosmetic products according to your favorite brand, as well as body care products and beauty accessories.

Why buy online from "SIVVI" store?

There are many advantages of online shopping that differ from the traditional way of shopping, such as:

  • The most important features, providing a special SIVVI discount code, saving up to 25% of money.
  • Get the best offers and discounts, which reach more than 75% on all products and clothing.
  • Sivvi online shopping store provides more than 100 different international brands of the most beautiful types of fabric.
  • Every year, he holds offers and discounts on Black Friday and Black Friday up to 90% and saving the largest number of money.
  • It provides products and clothing that suit all price groups at ideal prices and great designs.

How to use a SIVVI discount code to save money while shopping online from the SIVVI store?

1 . Type "e5smley" into the search bar.

2 . Enter the site, then choose your country, click on the Sivvi store, and make a "copy" of the discount code.

3 . Click on Go to Store and you will automatically be taken to the Sivvi Store.

4 . Choose the products you want to buy from the store and add them to the shopping cart.

5 . After completing the purchase process and selecting the products, go to "Complete the purchase process"

6 . Paste the Sivvi discount code in the field designated for it and make sure of the number of products you have chosen, and do not forget to activate the discount code to get the additional discount before completing the purchase process.

7 . Choose the payment method you want, then complete the payment and wait for the order to arrive.

Replacement and return policy?

You have a deadline of 14 to return the product to the company, but there are some conditions to return the product:

1 . In the event that the product did not satisfy you and you want to return it, please keep the original packaging of the product.

2 . Wrong product received, product was received and found that it is not as described.

3 . The packaging shall be in its original condition and in its original packaging.

How to get the money back?

The value of the paid amount will appear after 30 days as a purchase credit for the rest of the amount or a purchase voucher if the payment was made in cash upon receipt. responsible for the request.

Payment methods on the Sivvi store?

  • Payment via credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard
  • Payment via "mada card"
  • Pay with an American Express Card
  • Payment by PayPal
  • Pay cash on delivery